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SERVPRO of Easton Provides Simple Steps to Avoid Flood or Restore Flood Damages

4/16/2022 (Permalink)

Blog Summary: SERVPRO explains Snowmelt Flood Damage, How to Avoid it, and Why Swift Restoration is Essential to Health and Safety. 

Snowmelt Flood Damage Cleaning and Restoration Services at SERVPRO

As warmer weather approaches, one of the first things home and business owners should worry about is minimizing flood damage caused by snowmelt. The areas of Easton, Bethlehem, and Whitehall average more than 45 inches of rainfall and 30 inches of snowfall per year. Not being ready for that volume of water can lead to significant flood damage. When you have water damage, SERVPRO of Easton, Bethlehem and Whitehall responds quickly to help minimize damage and begin the restoration process. 

How to Minimize Snowmelt and Flood Damage

A commonly overlooked result of heavy snowfall and ice accumulation during the winter is the potential water damage that can occur when the snow melts. Runoff from rain and melted snow, or things like frozen pipes and ice dams, can quickly overwhelm drainage systems and end up damaging your property. You can minimize flood damage by taking a few proactive steps. 

Move the Snow

Move piled snow as far away from the property’s foundation as possible and to an area where it will not cause damage. 

Clean the Gutter System and Downspouts

Remove debris that can clog the system. Cleaning gutters will help direct water to the proper places and away from the building structure. It is advisable to use snow melt tabs to break down snow and ice stuck in the gutters. To prevent large amounts of water from snowmelt runoff or spring rainstorms pooling close to your property, attach a sloped leader to your downspouts. These extensions carry the water farther away from the structure, minimizing the risk of water or flood damage.

Remove Excess Snow

It is possible to prevent the need for water damage restoration and encourage water flow by hiring a contractor to remove excess snow from the roof.

Seal Cracks in Your Foundation, Doors, and Windows

Water is a powerful and destructive force against your property. Because of this, it is important to secure entrances and exits, windows, and cracks in the foundation against water intrusion. Once water enters, it begins to degrade the materials and can cause other problems that pose potential health effects, such as mold. 

Install a Sump Pump

If you do not have a working sump pump, have one installed, or take time to inspect your existing pump. Ideally, this device should prevent flooding and flood damage to your basement or foundation, but it must be running optimally. If the pump has a battery back-up, install new batteries for the season, and make sure the pump and drain are in good working order. Pour water into the pit to test its functionality. 

Pay Attention to Weather Forecasts

A  rainstorm or a rapid increase in temperature that causes snowmelt can overwhelm a structure’s ability to shed water away from the roof and foundation and lead to serious water damage. 

Snowmelt Flood Damage Dangers to Structures

Snowmelt flooding occurs yearly in localized areas and can devastate a business or homeowner. Here are just a few of the damages caused by cold weather water and its effects.

Roof Damage

The accumulation of snow on the roof adds weight that can cause small cracks to the roofing system. With temperature fluctuations, the water can get into those cracks and then expand the cracks with the next freeze. When temperatures rise and the snow melts rapidly, water can seep into the cracks and make its way further into the roof structure causing roof rot, and other problems. 

Damage Caused By Ice Dams

Ice dams, or the dam at the edge of the roof near the eaves, prevent snow melt from draining off the roof properly and can cause standing water. The standing water can cause problems such as roof rot, leaks, damaged shingles, as well as damage to gutter systems, ceilings, walls, studs, and insulation.  

Moisture Attracts Pests

One of the lesser considered problems with flood damage is attracting pests. Pests such as mice love to find weak areas in the foundation or structure to make their way into a building. Once inside, they can cause untold damage to insulation, wiring, and more. 

Flood Damage Restoration Near Me? Call SERVPRO.

Cold weather and winter storms can cause significant damage with no warning. Regardless of the type of storm, the highly-trained team at SERVPRO of Easton can handle any size flood damage event and provide rapid response. For residential or commercial flood restoration services in Bethlehem, PA, and surrounding areas, call (610) 559-9380 or email SERVPRO5770@SERVPROofeaston.com today. 

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